How Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research Could Help Us Understand Delta 8 THC

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Cannabis and, more specifically, cannabinoid research has always been a third rail topic for the scientific community in the United States. Cannabis and hemp have been used for a wide variety of industrial, medical, and non-medical uses for thousands of years, yet remain a source of controversy across the fields of medicine. 

While access to cannabis has increased as a result of more favorable public attitudes and the passage of state access laws, it is still largely a banned substance at the federal level. While Delta 8 THC is legal under the 2018 Farm Bill, until more extensive research can be conducted into cannabis, the information that’s available about the plant is limited, much to the detriment of consumers. Read on to learn more about why research is restricted into this booming area of health and wellness.

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Why is Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research so limited?

While Delta 8 THC and its potential for beneficial effects have been studied by reliable, federally-sanctioned researchers, research is greatly limited because cannabis is still classified as a Schedule 1 narcotic. The scheduling decision was made when the DEA’s Controlled Substances Act was passed in 1971 – amidst President Nixon’s War on Drugs – and it states that cannabis is considered an illegal drug with no health benefits and a high probability for abuse. It’s a categorization that flouts the latest cutting-edge research into the plant’s medicinal potential, defying even some of the oldest medical texts in existence.

A common refrain found in conclusions of published articles under the National Institutes of Health is often some variant of “overall, this review emphasizes the potential value and need for further study of CBD in the treatment of anxiety disorders.” Until cannabis is rescheduled at the Federal level, research will remain limited, from curbing which strains can be used to narrowing the scope of experiments, and science will be held back.

Today’s anti-medical marijuana legislation ignores a natural and critical regulating system which every human body has built into our physiology – the body’s natural cannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors – in the endocannabinoid system. Findings related to CBD’s impact on everyday bodily processes like mood, memory, appetite, and pain sensation are also narrow, especially when compared to bountiful research found in other fields such as the pharmaceutical industry.

How Israel has Emerged as a Global Leader in Cannabis Research

As the United States continues to struggle with the basics of cannabis research, such as providing proper cannabis to researchers, other countries have taken much bigger leaps. One of the foremost is Israel, where many in the cannabis field believe the most innovative research is currently going on, which could lead major developments in our understanding of Delta 8 THC.

In 2017, the School of Pharmacy at Hebrew University founded the Multidisciplinary Center for Cannabinoid Research. The center, which employs 27 cannabis researchers focuses on the areas of overlap with cancer, pain, inflammation and stress management, immunity, and metabolism, among others.

While not the only country ahead of the U.S. in research, Israel is certainly considered the one that is the farthest ahead. And, along with the European Review of Medical and Pharmacological Sciences in cannabis research in Italy and the European Union, the U.S. runs the risk of falling even farther behind.Hope here falls on more progressive politicians championing the plant and U.S. federal legalization in order to break outdated Drug War stigmas and get vital information to medical patients and recreational consumers alike.


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